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Freedom of Information Act

The Delaware Freedom of Information Act – 29 Del. C. ch. 100 – outlines the FOIA process, costs, and requirements for State of Delaware agencies.


Below are instructions to submit FOIA Requests to the following:

Department of Finance
Division of Accounting
State Lottery Office
Division of Revenue
Office of Unclaimed Property


FOIA Requests may be submitted:

  • By Email
    1) Submit your request in writing using the central FOIA form. Complete the information in the form and hit the submit button.
  • By Fax
    1) Complete and print the FOIA Request form.
    2) Fax to Attn: FOIA Coordinator at 302-577-8982.
  • By Mail
    1) Complete and print the FOIA Request form.
    2) Mail the form to FOIA Coordinator, Department of Finance, 820 N. French St., Wilmington, DE 19801.
  • In Person
    1) Complete and print the FOIA Request form
    2) Submit in person to any of Delaware’s public service offices. Please write “Attn: FOIA Coordinator” on your request.



For more information, email or call (302) 577-8682.

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