Welcome to the State of Delaware Transparency website. The goal of this site is to house State of Delaware financial information from different agencies in one location. We hope you find this site beneficial and easy to use. Please use the feedback below for comments and suggestions.

Delaware Open Checkbook
State of Delaware Checkbook, credit card expense and revenue data available.

Central repository across all three branches of state government for awarded contracts.

Economic Development Incentives and Grants
Financial reports and financing programs offered by the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO).

Financial Reports
Financial reports issued by the Delaware Department of Finance. Includes information on monthly revenues and expenditures, the state's annual bond sale, compliance filings, the state's economic forecast (DEFAC), and the Delaware Fiscal Notebook.

Investor Information
Resources pertaining to the State and its financial position, including annual reports, operating and capital budgets, rating agency analysis, official statements, and revenue forecasts.

Local/County Financial Information
Financial revenues and expenditures for local and county governments throughout Delaware.

Please provide feedback on how we can improve our site and enhance government transparency. Mail comments and suggestions to Jane.Cole@state.de.us.